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MIT Sloan Fellows, alumni, and faculty put themselves in situations around the world where they believe they can have the most impact—and dig in to uncover truth in uncertainty, reason in chaos, and tackle the tough challenges from refreshingly new vantages.

Navigating the car insurance maze

Posted by MIT Sloan Fellows on June 6, 2018

Many consumers look at their car insurance choices and see an MC Escher drawing of mazes leading into the unknown. Using advanced artificial intelligence, however, Insurify is streamlining the historically convoluted process. Winner of the 2016 ACORD Insurance Innovation Challenge Startup Disruptor, the company has wowed industry traditionalists and customers alike with its reinvention of the client experience. Entrepreneurs have attempted to tackle the insurance industry before, but no new venture in this space has taken off as robustly as…
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Boosting the ranks of women in biotech

Posted by MIT Sloan Fellows on May 26, 2018

More women are entering science and tech-related fields than ever before, but the number occupying the executive suite still lags far behind men. The Massachusetts Life Sciences Center (MLSC) and Takeda Pharmaceuticals have launched a new initiative to help right the balance. MassNextGen is a five-year program that will fund and support early stage biotech companies run by women. A recent report by the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio) and the executive recruiting firm Liftstream found growing gender disparities in the…
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MIT Sloan conference in Buenos Aires explores fintech advances

Posted by MIT Sloan Fellows on May 20, 2018

What are the stumbling blocks of blockchain? How can AI strengthen cybersecurity?  Are cryptocurrencies the future of the marketplace? Members of the MIT Sloan faculty bring in-depth discussion of these pivotal fintech issues—and a good many more—to Buenos Aires at the end of this month. The MIT Sloan Latin America Office in collaboration with the Institute for Business Development of Argentina (IDEA) will hold a summit called “Transforming the Fintech Revolution” at the Hilton Buenos Aires on Tuesday, May 29.…
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Kidney-matching by algorithm

Posted by MIT Sloan Fellows on May 9, 2018

According to the National Kidney Foundation, thirteen people die every day while awaiting a kidney transplant. More than 3,000 new patients are added to the waiting list every month—a new name every 14 minutes. But the length of the waiting list and the insufficient supply aren’t the only issues in those deaths. The entire system is slowed by a time-consuming decision-making process that relies on individual discernment. “Who might be best suited to this kidney?” “Is this kidney the best…
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Eat–or shun–that apple pie? Check your DNA

Posted by MIT Sloan Fellows on April 3, 2018

Fredric Abramson, SF ’77, has an extensive background in genetics, biology, entrepreneurship, and the law. All paths converge at his most recent startup, Digital Nutrition, which is using AI and genetics to revolutionize the concept of illness prevention. Abramson is building Digital Nutrition, still in its startup phase, to be a $100 million-dollar-business that taps the very latest genetic science and technology to promote wellness and wellbeing. “With advanced AI and machine learning analytics,” he says, “we can deliver genetic…
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Deep mind thinking about AI and ML

Posted by MIT Sloan Fellows on April 3, 2018

Companies that know how to harness machine learning and artificial intelligence are clear winners in the 21st century economy. And, arguably, few companies on Earth rival Google for its ingenuity in unlocking their powers. Suzanne Frey, SF ’06, Director of Security, Trust, and Privacy at Google, says, in fact, that every area in which Google is advancing relies on the progress of AI and ML. DeepMind Frey says that a game-changer was Google’s 2014 acquisition of the London-based AI pioneer…
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