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MIT Sloan Master of Finance program now offering an 18-month pilot

Students in MIT Sloan’s Master of Finance program, which launched in 2008, carry a challenging course load and graduate with a master’s degree in one year. Following review and feedback from students and alumni, MIT Sloan is now offering an 18-month pilot for the degree program, which will consist of four academic terms instead of three, and will give students the opportunity to participate in a summer internship. The 30 students in the 18-month program will graduate in February 2017.

The program also offers a concentration in either capital markets or corporate finance for the first time. Program Director Heidi V. Pickett answered a few questions about the new 18-month pilot.

Why offer this 18-month Master of Finance pilot?

The 18-month pilot is in direct response to Master of Finance alumni feedback, as well as input from our corporate partners. Former students have expressed the desire to slow the pace of their academics, take additional courses, and/or have the option to gain additional practical experience with a summer internship. Some of the more traditional hiring in the finance industry—for instance, investment banking—takes place through the summer internship program. 

Is there a difference between the one-year Master of Finance program and the 18-month program?

The 12-month and 18-month have the same requirements and result in the same degree. The only difference is the length in which to complete the requirements, and the option for additional practical experience via a summer internship through the 18-month program.

If someone is considering the MIT Sloan Master of Finance program, what might they want to know about the differences between the two?

Prospective students should think about their goals and objectives in attending the Master of Finance program. Does the prospective student have industry experience coming into the program? In that case, it may be beneficial to complete the program in 12 months and get back into industry. For less experienced prospective students, the 18-month pilot does allow for more time to gain finance knowledge and practical skills as well as the opportunity for an internship that could turn into a job.

No matter what the applicant or student decides in terms of length, the Master of Finance program offers a rigorous deep dive into finance, in addition to the opportunity to take advantage of all that MIT has to offer.

MIT Sloan is currently accepting applications for the Master of Finance class that will begin in July 2016, in either the 12- or 18- month format. Learn more or apply here.

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