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What to know about MIT Sloan’s new faculty members

One keeps an eye on work-life polices (or lack of them). Another joins from Facebook, where he worked on News Feed. From fields ranging from operations research to accounting, MIT Sloan this year welcomes six new faculty members.

Dean Eckles

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Comes from: Facebook, where he was a data scientist who worked on News Feed, messaging, advertising, and more.

Research: Examines people’s interactions with and through communication technologies; especially how those technologies mediate, amplify, and direct social influence.

Find out more: On his website, his Twitter profile, and his Google Scholar page.


T. Tony Ke

Assistant Professor of Marketing

Comes from: University of California, Berkeley, where he received his PhD in operations research earlier this year.

Research: Is focused on modeling consumer search for information, especially on multiple attributes of products, and analyzing firms’ pricing and product strategies.

Find out more: On his Google Scholar page.

Erin Kelly

Professor of Work and Organization Studies

Comes from: University of Minnesota, where she was a sociology professor and director of the Life Course Center.

Research: Investigates the adoption, implementation, and consequences of work-family and anti-discrimination policies in U.S. workplaces.

Find out more: In a Q&A about the current state of work-life policies and programs, and on her Google Scholar page.

Rahul Mazumder

Assistant Professor of Operations Research and Statistics

Comes from: Columbia University, where he was an assistant professor in the department of statistics.

Research: Focuses on data science, statistical machine learning, large-scale data optimization, mathematical programming, and their interplay.

Find out more: On his Google Scholar page.

Hazhir Rahmandad

Assistant Professor of System Dynamics

Comes from: Virginia Tech, where he was an associate professor of industrial and systems engineering. He is a 2005 PhD graduate of MIT Sloan.

Research: Applies dynamic modeling to complex organizational problems, including analysis of how organizations learn in the presence of delays between taking actions and observing results. He has also studied public health problems, including obesity.

Find out more: On his Google Scholar page.

Andrew Sutherland

Assistant Professor of Accounting

Comes from: The University of Chicago Booth School of Business, where he received his PhD in accounting earlier this year.

Research: Studies the role of financial and credit report information in commercial lending markets. This work often focuses on entrepreneurs and privately held firms.

Find out more: In his dissertation, The economic consequences of borrower information sharing: relationship dynamics and investment.

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