What is MFin?

An intensive program, MFin is designed to prepare students for a broad range of careers in the financial industry.



What Do MFin Graduates Do?

Many career paths exist for MIT Sloan MFin graduates. Employers seeking the skill sets of our graduates include:


Investment and corporate banks Ratings firms
Brokerage firms Consulting firms
Financial data providers Insurance companies
Asset managers Treasury and finance departments of major corporations
Hedge funds
Venture capitalists Governments


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What Will I Learn?

The MIT Sloan MFin program teaches you to use advanced mathematical models and quantitative methods to create innovative solutions to complex finance problems. Required core courses immerse you in these methods and deepen your understanding of the theoretical fundamentals. In addition to these core courses, you will choose from a variety of electives to tailor your MFin experience.

As an MIT Sloan MFin graduate, you will leave MIT with a practical understanding of modern business, a comprehensive range of quantitative finance skills, and the applicable expertise to know which approach best suits each unique circumstance.


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Why You Should Apply?

Recent graduates, early career professionals in finance, engineers, mathematicians, physicists, computer programmers, or other high-tech professionals are encouraged to apply to the MIT Sloan MFin program.

Flexibility is a cornerstone of the MIT Sloan MFin degree. As an MFin student, you will be encouraged to tailor your coursework with elective study options to address your particular area of interest. It is even possible to take electives in the MIT School of Science or School of Engineering. Some students, for instance, have chosen to further develop their skills in mathematics or computer science as part of their MFin studies.


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How Does the MIT MFin Program Differ?

The MFin at MIT Sloan is a business degree taught in a business school, with all the benefits that come from that environment. Some MFin classes are taken with other graduate students including MBAs, PhDs, and MIT Sloan Fellows. As an MFin student you will be welcome to join MIT’s Finance Club, Investment Management Club, and Venture Capital & Private Equity Club, as well as many other social and professional clubs available to all graduate students.

Group learning and interaction with peers are highly valued and fostered at MIT. In courses based on case studies and problem sets, you’ll connect with MIT students from around the world in small working groups. You will learn from and challenge one other, sharing different perspectives and backgrounds while building lasting relationships.


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  • What is MFin?
  • What Do MFin Graduates Do?
  • What Will I Learn?
  • Why You Should Apply?
  • How Does the MIT MFin Program Differ?