What is it like to be an MFin student here? Our students are unique, representing a diverse range of backgrounds. They experience MIT Sloan in their own way yet create a cohesive community. These profiles provide a snapshot of life at MIT Sloan.

    If you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to these students. When available, their email address is linked in their profile information. For admissions-related questions, please email mfinadcom.mitsloan@mit.edu.

  • Vinicius Esposito - June 2018

    Vinicius Esposito, MFin '18

    Citizenship: Brazil
    Recent Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Undergrad University: Fundacao Getulio Vargas
    Degree and Major: B.S. Economics
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  • Jiayin Lin - June 2018

    Jiayin Lin, MFin '18

    Citizenship: China
    Hometown: Beijing, China
    Undergraduate University: Duke University
    Degree and Major: B.S. Statistics, B.S. Economics
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  • Cretu, Andrei - 2019 v2

    Andrei Cretu, MFin '19

    Citizenship: Romania
    Hometown: Bucharest
    Undergraduate University: Bucharest University of Economic Studies
    Degree and Major: B.S. Finance
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  • Liu, Shucen - February 2019

    Shucen Liu, MFin '19

    Citizenship: China
    Hometown: Shenyang, China
    Undergraduate University: The University of Chicago
    Degree and Major: B.S. Mathematics, B.A. Economics
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  • Varit Sukhum_MFin 2018

    Varit Sukhum, MFin '18

    Citizenship: Thailand
    Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
    Undergraduate University: New York University
    Degree and Major: B.A. Economics
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  • Brinkmann, Trevor - 2018 v2

    Trevor Brinkmann, MFin '18

    Citizenship: South Africa and United States
    Hometown: Johannesburg, South Africa
    Undergraduate University: University of Cape Town 
    Degree and Major: B.Bus. Science
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  • Yufei Wang_MFin 2018

    Yufei Wang, MFin '18

    Citizenship: China
    Hometown: Hebei, China
    Undergraduate University: University of Waterloo
    Degree and Major: Bachelor of Mathematics, Major in Financial Analysis & Risk Management. Minor in Computer Science, Co-op Program
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  • Sequeira, Neil - June 2018

    Neil Sequeira, MFin '18

    Citizenship: India
    Hometown: Singapore
    Undergraduate University: London School of Economics and Political Science
    Degree and Major: B.Sc. Business, Mathematics, and Statistics
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  • Whalen, Nicholas - June 2018

    Nicholas Whalen, MFin '18

    Citizenship: United States
    Hometown: Sutton, Massachusetts
    Undergraduate University: College of the Holy Cross
    Degree and Major: B.A. Mathematics, B.A. Political Science
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  • Kimberly Roland,_MFin 2018

    Kimberly Roland, MFin '18

    Citizenship: United States
    Recent Location: Fairfield, Connecticut
    Undergraduate University: University of Connecticut
    Degree and Major: B.A. Honors Economics, Minor in Business Administration
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  • Chace Gordon_MFin 2018

    Chace Gordon, MFin '18

    Citizenship: United States
    Recent Location: Tampa, FL
    Undergraduate University: Florida State University
    Degree and Major: BS in Applied & Computational Mathematics
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  • Daniel Young_MFin 2018

    Daniel Young, MFin '18

    Citizenship: Mexico
    Recent Location: Mexico City
    Undergraduate University: Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM)
    Degree and Major: Applied Mathematics
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  • Ryan Yi_MFin 2018

    Ryan Yi, MFin '18

    Citizenship: United States
    Hometown: Seoul, Korea
    Undergraduate University: Northwestern University
    Degree and Major: BA Economics, Philosophy
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  • Torsten Walbaum_MFin 2018

    Torsten Walbaum, MFin '18

    Citizenship: Germany
    Recent Location: Hamburg
    Undergraduate University: University of Mannheim
    Degree and Major: B.S. Business Administration
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  • Chloe Schoen_MFin 2018

    Chloe Schoen, MFin '18

    Citizenship: French
    Hometown: Geneva, Switzerland
    Undergraduate University: Harvard University
    Degree and Major: B.A. Economics
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