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    Respected Authorities on the Leading Edge of Finance

    The MFin program is your opportunity to learn financial problem solving from our world-renowned faculty—innovators who tackle finance’s biggest challenges, and continue to define the future of finance.  They influence real-world policy and practices, continuing MIT Sloan’s legacy of creating breakthrough financial models and practices adopted by educators and practitioners worldwide.

    As the architects of MFin, our faculty are invested in student success, and have created a collegial, collaborative culture that challenges students to push the boundaries of their problem-solving abilities.

    A Track Record Of Leadership

    MIT Sloan is considered the birthplace of modern finance.  Pioneers such as Fischer Black, John Cox, and Stewart C. Myers, as well as Nobel Laureates Paul Samuelson, Robert C. Merton, Myron Scholes and Franco Modigliani all have roots in the MIT Sloan Finance Group, a major force of change and innovation in the finance industry.

    Formed long before other business schools recognized finance as a distinct field of study, the MIT Finance Group is responsible for many of the research breakthroughs that have shaped finance theory and practice for more than 40 years—a track record of leadership that continues today.

    • The Black-Scholes-Merton derivative-pricing model.
    • The Modigliani-Miller theorems on corporate financing and evaluation.
    • The Cox-Ingersoll-Ross model of the term structure of interest rates.

    MIT Sloan finance faculty are advancing the field of financial economics while generating innovations and leading-edge management practices critical for leadership in today’s complex global economy. MFin students have access to their latest research.