Five people you should meet in sustainability

At the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, students and recent graduates are doing inventive work in firms of all sizes

June 23, 2015

At the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative, students, researchers, and alumni team up to develop new models and methods for sustainability work in firms of all sizes. Meet the students and young alumni leading the way.

Shawn Basak, MBA ’16

Shawn Basak, MBA '16

“What’s the return on investment of an employee volunteer program? What’s the most effective way to finance a green product? These are all-encompassing questions that are broadly applicable to organizations trying to execute on this stuff.”
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Ed Fish, MBA ’12

Ed Fish, MBA '12

Strategy and Business Development Associate – Cargill
“Sustainability thrives when the firm can balance a broad set of stakeholders.”
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Sandhya Murali, MBA ’15

Sandhya Murali, MBA '15

Chief Financial Officer – Solstice Initiative
“I wanted to get a hands-on experience in other countries at real companies and organizations.” 
Meet Sandhya

Patrick O’Brien, MBA ’15

Patrick O'Brien, MBA '15

Consultant, Bain & Co.
“There’s a strong pull in the veteran community to the field of sustainability. Veterans have already served in some capacity and typically want to continue making an impact in some way.” Meet Patrick

Bella Tonkonogy, SF ’15

Bella Tonkonogy, MBA '15

“The professors here train you to analyze how the world works in terms of systems.”
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