Thirteen to follow: MIT social media

New to MIT online? Here are our favorites on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, and more.

October 1, 2015

Welcome to MIT Sloan! Here are a few of our favorite social media handles around MIT.


@MITSloan - The go-to for news, events, and ideas from MIT Sloan.

@techreview - “…intelligence to understand a world shaped by technology.”

@MITSloanWomen – One of MIT Sloan’s most popular student groups promotes ideas and discussion on gender and diversity in the business world.

MIT Sloan faculty list - MIT Sloan faculty members on Twitter.


MIT Sloan - News and photos of anything and everything MIT Sloan.

MIT – Everything MIT, with an emphasis on new technology and faculty research.


mitsloan – FOMO-inducing live catalog of student life and international travel.

mitstudents – Every week a different MIT student is handed the keys.

SnackMIT @ HackMIT 2015 #food #hackathon #hackmit #brainfood

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MIT Sloan – News and opinion with an emphasis on practical advice from MIT Sloan faculty.


MIT Sloan student blogs – Daily life on campus, with extra posts and photos during overseas trips and treks.

Slice of MIT – Tracking exciting alumni worldwide.


Only at MIT – Aggregates the most MIT of MIT from across the web and social media. Accepts submissions.



MITstudents - Friend mitstudents for spotlights on individual students and groups, event stories, and other random MIT occurrences.