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How the MIT EMBA helped one alum develop a new analytics platform

By Sherif Barrad, EMBA '17

As an Executive MBA student at MIT, the mission “to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and generate ideas that advance management practice” was ingrained in me.

Sherif Barrad, EMBA '17

The cornerstone of my education was to solve complex problems by thinking creatively and embracing technological advancements, all while adhering to a strict moral compass. This method of problem-solving helped me grow as a leader. It also allowed me to invent a new, patent-pending predictive analytics platform that has been successfully commercialized and used by some of the world's largest organizations.

At MIT Sloan, the curriculum encouraged me to continually question my assumptions, remain intellectually curious, and be unafraid of unconventional thinking. With these qualities, I embarked on a project to develop a predictive analytics platform that could revolutionize the industry. This was a challenging task as it required pushing the boundaries of predictive analytics and designing the platform to adapt to intricate business processes of global scale.

Through my education at MIT Sloan, the focus on generating ideas that transform the world came to the forefront during this process. Every step was an act of creation—a synthesis of learning from faculty renowned for their path-breaking research in data science and analytics and dialogue with classmates bringing diverse industry perspectives.

The principles of systems-thinking were instrumental in my journey from being an aspiring student to the inventor of a commercial product. MIT Sloan’s unique curriculum introduced me to System Dynamics—a powerful approach that altered my perception of problems and solutions and instilled in me the ability to see systems at work, even within complex industrial frameworks. It greatly influenced the development of the platform by enlarging the picture from discrete processes to an interconnected network of actions.

I received extraordinary support from my employer, EY Canada, which proved critical during both the innovation and commercialization phases. Being part of a company that values and encourages innovation, EY's assistance was instrumental.

The response to the platform was positive. With it, organizations could predict potential demand for their product and services, flag and mitigate supplier disruptions, predict equipment failures, and more.

 My journey from an aspiring student to the inventor of a successful commercial product was driven by MIT Sloan's mission “to develop principled, innovative leaders.” The rigorous academics, the focus on innovative thinking, the ethos of principled leadership, and the commitment to advancing management practices all contributed to my ability to develop a predictive analytics platform that has now found its place amongst the global landscape.

MIT Sloan fostered an environment that not only pushed the boundaries of my intellectual curiosity but also inspired me to improve the world through my ideas and work. Its unique blend of innovation, leadership, and ethics has been fundamental to my journey, and for that, I am immensely grateful.

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