Student Life

Sloan Student Culture

MIT Sloan is a diverse and engaged community. With students, faculty, and staff from around the world, the School prides itself on welcoming people with a wide range of backgrounds, experience, and interests. The community is marked by its passion for solving problems and tackling big challenges, its respect for varied viewpoints, and its entrepreneurial spirit. The student culture is highly collaborative and is perhaps best characterized in the slogan, "Sloanies helping Sloanies."  


Students at MIT Sloan have the opportunity to forge strong connections, not only with colleagues in their own academic programs, but also with those in other Sloan programs and across MIT.

Embracing Diversity

The MIT Sloan student community is diverse not only in terms of nationality, race, and ethnicity, but also in terms of intellectual perspective and life experience. This affords the opportunity to extend the learning experience, both inside the classroom and in the larger social and professional community.

"I love how vulnerable Sloanies can get. I have built meaningful, life-lasting connections because Sloanies are open to discussing uncomfortable matters in an embracing and understanding culture. I explored my identity, race, work transition, mental health, love, and life in my Sloan experience. I am grateful for Sloan's culture of helping one another which makes collaboration and openness very organic." MBA Student, '23

MIT Sloan Values

The Sloan Values image provides a framework for members of the community to hold themselves and each other accountable. Beyond that, invoking "Sloan Values" is a shorthand way to invite thoughtful and respectful behavior in the community. 

A hallmark of MIT Sloan's student culture is a spirit of collaboration and caring. Students tend to strive to meet audacious goals rather than compete with one another. Similarly, the faculty and staff are deeply committed to supporting each student's success and well-being. One student remarked, “I love the campus culture and people. It brings me so much joy that Sloanies helping Sloanies is REAL, we have students and staff that are willing to support each other personally and professionally.” MBA Student '23