MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative

Career and Network Building

By the time they leave MIT Sloan, our students are ready to challenge themselves and others to create value for business and society. We help our students prepare by supporting events and programming throughout the year that build the knowledge and relationships students need to find their ideal role.

In addition, we work closely with the MIT Sloan Career Development Office to find internships and job opportunities that allow our graduates to use their sustainability knowledge to make real change in the for-profit, non-profit, NGO, and government sectors. 

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The Sustainability Certificate community has over 550 alumni from across MIT.

Programming Includes

  • Sustainability Curriculum

    MIT and MIT Sloan offer a wide range of sustainability courses that give students the skills they need to tackle real world problems in their careers. Through courses like our Laboratory for Sustainable Business", we enable students to work directly with companies and organizations to solve sustainability challenges. 

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  • Sustainability Lunch Series

    Since the 2013-14 school year, we have held a weekly lunch series to help students reflect on career directions, and develop the most relevant analytic and leadership skills to advance their careers in sustainability.

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  • Sustainability Internships

    Students interested in making an impact through sustainability oriented-internships can look to the Sloan Social Impact Fund and the Sustainability Initiative Internship Program for support and opportunities.

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  • Case Competitions

    ​​​​​​ Each year, students are presented with opportunities to participate in case competitions covering a range of sustainability challenges like material sourcing, impact investing, or labor issues.  We supports these efforts through mentorship of teams, and financially through travel subsidies.  Examples include the Patagonia Case Competition and the MIINT Program.

  • Topical Learning

    From time-to-time, the MIT curriculum doesn’t cover topics students hope to learn, especially in nascent fields like impact investing or project finance for renewable developments. We support student-initiated efforts to expand their learning through workshops and conference attendance. 

  • Working with Student Groups

    We work and support groups like the MIT Sloan Energy ClubMIT Energy ClubMIT Food and AgMIT Water ClubMIT Impact Investing Initiative, and the MIT Sustainability Summit, to put on events and other educational offerings.

  • Happy Hours and Mixers

    We often host informal networking events for the MIT sustainability and alumni community so students can find like-minded individuals in their desired field.

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