The last few decades of unprecedented growth have generated new opportunities for many around the globe, but they have also created intense strain on our ecosystems, driven stark inequality, and tipped the balance of our personal lives, thus undermining the very sources of prosperity. Tackling these challenges requires new management practices, business models, and market infrastructures that make more effective and sustainable use of natural and human resources and advance human welfare.

We designed the Sustainability Certificate to develop a community of innovative leaders with the essential capabilities to change the game. These include understanding sustainability issues in depth, systems thinking to understand the levers for change, strategizing and leading change in organizations, and deploying social and technological innovations. We develop these capabilities through courses with a rich mix of action learning and conceptual content. At the same time, our curriculum has enough flexibility so that students uncover the opportunities for sustainability in their distinctive career path. Our graduates are therefore uniquely positioned to address the sustainable business issues that will be the focus for managers and leaders in the coming years.

Note: The Certificate is only open to masters-level students at MIT as an add-on to our existing degree programs. It is not an executive education program. Please see the “Admissions” section for a list of programs whose students are eligible for the Certificate.


  • Receive a Certificate in Sustainability from MIT Sloan indicating your knowledge of sustainability fundamentals.
  • Join a cohort and extended community of passionate and dedicated leaders, with access to alumni at multiple events throughout the year.
  • Tailor your MBA experience to your professional goals. Some students pursue a “track” like Enterprise Management, Finance, or Entrepreneurship and Innovation in addition to the Sustainability Certificate.
  • Access high-caliber sustainability-focused summer internships sourced by MIT Sloan’s Career Development Office.


Required Courses:

  • S-Lab sequence: 15.913 Strategies for Sustainable Business (spring H1); 
    15.915 Sustainable Business Lab (spring H2).
  • 15.871 System Dynamics (fall H1 or spring H1)
  • 15.878 Capstone course in sustainability (spring H2)

Elective Courses: 

  • Select two (2) from electives list on our courses page.
  • For a comprehensive list of energy-related courses at MIT, please click here. These courses may count as electives toward the Sustainability Certificate with approval from the Sustainability Initiative at MIT Sloan. Please contact us to discuss the eligibility of any energy-related courses that are not listed on our courses webpage.  
  • NOTE: 15.569 L-Lab, because it is a 15 unit course, counts as 2 electives 


There is no formal application process, but please contact us to indicate your interest.

Open enrollment for courses (no priority bidding). 

Open to all MBA and MIT masters-level programs (e.g., Sloan Fellows, MSMS, LGO, ESD-SM, SCM, TPP)