Dear Alumni and Friends,

MIT Sloan has been a major part of my life for 17 years, both professionally and personally. I have made more lasting, formative, and deep relationships than I can count with colleagues, alumni, and so many others among the vast, global MIT Sloan community. Every year when I reflect on the one before, I am grateful to be a part of this remarkable place—to get to spend my time working alongside and learning from the people this job allows me to interact with day to day. The strength I see in the MIT Sloan community, the helping hands I see Sloanies extending to one another and to the organizations they support, the curiosity MIT Sloan students and faculty show as they develop and deploy innovative solutions to global challenges—all of this fills me with such hope and pride.

Last May, MIT Sloan joined the Institute in celebrating the inauguration of MIT President Sally Kornbluth. In her inaugural address, President Kornbluth succinctly connected two core values that we hold at MIT Sloan: working to create an inclusive community and practice tireless curiosity.

Looking back on 2023, the state of the MIT Sloan School of Management is strong, and those values of curiosity and inclusivity are borne out in so much of what we have done and are endeavoring to do. We are setting a new bar for what it means to earn—and deliver—a management education, and that is something to celebrate.

On campus and around the world, faculty, students, alumni, and friends are driving climate change efforts at the intersection of industry and policy, advancing artificial intelligence and generative AI ethically, and teaching the next generation of entrepreneurs the disciplined way of entrepreneurship—entrepreneurship as a craft and not a science. In these ways and in so many others, this community is proving what it means to be MIT’s school of management by correlating the complex problems of management in modern technical industry with science, engineering, and research.

In the pages that follow, you will find stories both of inquiry and partnership—faculty working with students, alumni engaging with faculty, and alumni collaborating with one another—to create positive change in their neighborhoods and nations, and around the globe. That these collaborations are taking place every day, maybe every minute, is a testament to you and to what it means to be a Sloanie.

Thank you for your dedication to MIT Sloan. May each of us continue to apply what we have learned and are learning as members of this community to challenges small and large as we build a better world.

Very best,

Kathryn Hawkes
Senior Associate Dean, External Engagement

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