Silhouette of hand against a solar flare
Ideas Made to Matter

Solar subsidies and an imperfect market

In some cases, solar lessees pick up a subsidy and then some.

Oct 29, 2019
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An illustration of a maze created out of building blocks from a child's playset.
Ideas Made to Matter

Digital platforms: High valuations, high risk

Two types of platforms. And six ways things can go wrong.

May 8, 2019
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Elad Shoushan of Ready4
Ideas Made to Matter Startups

Exit Strategy: Ready4

Six years after starting his test prep company, Elad Shoushan was tired. But to do an exit right, he'd have to do it himself.

Apr 19, 2019
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rows of green baseball stadium seats with one lone red chair
Ideas Made to Matter

How a Fortune 500 CEO avoids mediocrity

The former Flex leader on establishing expectations, building a culture, and gaining competitive advantage.

Apr 9, 2019
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An image of a foosball table.
Ideas Made to Matter

How family businesses succeed in an era of rapid change

A constantly changing and disruptive environment creates unique threats for family businesses. Here are four ways owners can stay on their toes.

Apr 2, 2019
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a silver and black instant pot on a graphic orange and neon purple split screen
Ideas Made to Matter

Beat the competition by solving core problems

How Amazon and others have mastered the art of inversion.

Mar 8, 2019
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key on top of an early circuit board
Ideas Made to Matter

4 secrets to business longevity from Ray Stata

Fifty-four years in, Stata reflects on iterating with the market, hiring well, and why Ireland was a good idea.

Mar 1, 2019
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image of a brick wall with a glowing green exit sign
Ideas Made to Matter Human Resources

Your acquired hires are leaving. Here’s why.

One-third of acquired employees leave in the first year, compared to only 12 percent of traditional hires, a new study finds.

Jan 8, 2019
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Two pencils on a mustard background
Ideas Made to Matter

8 entrepreneurs’ resolutions for 2019

Leaders at Okta, Bevi, Ayar Labs, and more tell us what they’ll focus on this year.

Dec 20, 2018
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Apple cut open so you can see dragonfruit
Ideas Made to Matter

Authenticity in the age of Instagram

Three brands on growing a fan base without (a lot of) celebrity endorsements.

Dec 14, 2018
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