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We mourn the passing of Professor Donald Rosenfield, the longtime director of MIT’s Leaders for Global Operations program and a senior lecturer at MIT Sloan. Although Prof. Rosenfield retired in 2014, he continued to teach and eagerly anticipated teaching Operations Lab one more time, with more than 100 students enrolled, in Spring 2018. Prof. Rosenfield was beloved by colleagues and students alike and will be remembered as a generous and compassionate leader, educator and friend.

Read the MIT obituary for more information.

New Action Learning Lab: The American Divide: Can Good Jobs be a Bridge? USA Lab

In Spring 2018, MIT Sloan Action Learning is offering a new course: USA Lab. The creation of this course stems from the MIT community’s concern about America’s deep divides (economic, cultural, social, geographic), and what actions students can take to understand and address them. Peering through the lens of small towns and rural regions, students will challenge their own assumptions as they explore the complexities of modern-day divides in the larger context of America’s ongoing struggle to balance diversity and the common good. Student teams will work with host organizations, including two weeks on-site, and learn about the places, the people, the cultures, the strengths and tensions through engaging in dialogue with local leaders and stakeholders. Visit the USA Lab page for further information.

MIT Sloan provides hands-on management experience through our pioneering Action Learning labs, giving students on-the-ground opportunities to put classroom theory into practice. Through our portfolio of over 15 labs, students work side-by-side with corporate and nonprofit partners to apply classroom lessons to high-impact business challenges. Both at home and abroad, from entrepreneurial startups to multinational corporations, students work with organizations to improve their critical systems and services.

News & Media

Israel Lab Navigating cultures while making a difference

MIT NewsLukas Kamphausen MFin ’18 recently graduated with a master of finance degree from MIT’s Sloan School of Management. Last January, he …
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Israel Lab Students from MIT—one of the world’s leading business schools—collaborate with local companies to learn about strategic growth, penetration of new markets and more Through MIT’s Israel Lab, host companies gain insights and expertise in critical areas such as strategic growth, new market entry, …
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From the Student Blogs

G-Lab Saving Face

Week three of G-Lab in the books! We gave our final presentation on Friday, said our goodbyes to the folks at CX Technology, and headed off for one …
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China & India Lab Week 2

The second week in China has flown by and I am now on my way back to Boston. During the past week, my team had the opportunity to meet with and …
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