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MIT Sloan provides hands-on management experience through our pioneering Action Learning labs, giving students on-the-ground opportunities to put classroom theory into practice. Through our portfolio of over 15 labs, students work side-by-side with corporate and nonprofit partners to apply classroom lessons to high-impact business challenges. Both at home and abroad, from entrepreneurial startups to multinational corporations, students work with organizations to improve their critical systems and services.

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Action Learning | G-Lab | Argentina | Entrepreneurship The 10 requirements for a company to join a global consulting program with MIT

A Russian, an Englishman, a Nigerian and an Argentine. It is not the beginning of a joke, but the link between a group of MBAs from the Massachusetts …
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Action Learning | G-Lab | Entrepreneurship | Mexico What does Tanya Moss have to do with MIT

El periodismo necesita inversión. Comparte este artículo utilizando los íconos que aparecen en la página. La reproducción de este contenido sin …
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From the Student Blogs

G-Lab Unforgettable Vietnam

At 3 am the CX driver arrived at our dormitory to give me and Vrajesh a ride for the last time. It was dark, warm, and humid as we entered his …
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China & India Lab Now that the dust has settled…

I have been back in Boston for almost a week. Now that the dust has settled and my jetlag has subsided (somewhat, anyway!), I have had some time to …
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