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MIT Sloan provides hands-on management experience through our pioneering Action Learning labs, giving students on-the-ground opportunities to put classroom theory into practice. Through our portfolio of over 15 labs, students work side-by-side with corporate and nonprofit partners to apply classroom lessons to high-impact business challenges. Both at home and abroad, from entrepreneurial startups to multinational corporations, students work with organizations to improve their critical systems and services.

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Israel Lab Students from MIT – one of the world’s leading business schools – collaborate with local companies to learn about strategic growth, penetration of new markets and more

Through MIT’s Israel Lab, host companies gain insights and expertise in critical areas such as strategic growth, new market entry, pricing, …
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Healthcare Lab Healthcare Lab Press Release

The healthcare industry is going through a massive transformation as its emphasis shifts from transactional care for sick patients to continuous …
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From the Student Blogs

G-Lab Turning Theory into Practice: Becoming a Better Leader in Brazil

The Final Week …
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China & India Lab Week 2

The second week in China has flown by and I am now on my way back to Boston. During the past week, my team had the opportunity to meet with and …
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L-Lab Caterpillar Team Video

L-Lab: Leading Sustainable Systems
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