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Why MIT Sloan Action Learning?

Whether you are considering furthering your education at MIT Sloan or are one of our current students, welcome!  The Action Learning experience is something that sets MIT Sloan apart from its peers, and will remain with you far past your graduation date.  The opportunity to learn by doing, invoke and inspire real change, and meaningfully contribute to societal and business problems and issues is repeatedly cited by our students as one of the highlights of their graduate school career.

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Priscilla Liu | MBA '21 (MPA '22, Harvard Kennedy School)
Fin-Lab was an amazing opportunity to dive deep into a highly impactful and relevant topic, while honing our finance toolkit beyond an academic setting.

Who can take Action Learning labs?

Most MIT Sloan students are eligible to take Action Learning labs, however, this depends greatly on your degree program and areas of professional experience. Our labs are only open to students enrolled in a degree program, including other MIT students and cross-registering students, typically from Harvard and Wellesley.

How current students can enroll 

MIT Sloan students can bid for most Action Learning labs with their other classes. Bidding for the fall semester opens in early May, and spring semester bidding opens in early December. A few labs use an application instead. Please see the table below for more details.

—Action Learning labs at a glance

Course Title
15.226 ASEAN Lab: Modern Business in Southeast Asia Spring 12 Cr.
15.248 MENA Lab: Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Fall 12 Cr.
15.335 Organizations Lab: Leading with Impact Spring 9 Cr.
15.369 Entrepreneurship in Organizations Spring 9 Cr.
15.389 Global Entrepreneurship Lab Fall 12 Cr.
15.399 Entrepreneurship Lab Fall 12 Cr.
15.399 Entrepreneurship Lab Spring 12 Cr.
15.451 Proseminar in Capital Markets/Investment Management Fall 6 Cr.
15.452 Proseminar in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, and Private Equity Fall 9 Cr.
15.453 Finance Lab IAP
9 Cr.
15.572 Analytics Lab: Action Learning Seminar on Analytics, Machine Learning, and the Digital Economy Fall 9 Cr.
USA Lab: Bridging the American Divides Spring 9 Cr.
15.704 IDEA Lab Spring 15 Cr.
15.708 Global Organizations Lab Spring 15 Cr.
15.777 Healthcare Lab: Introduction to Healthcare Delivery in the United States Fall 15 Cr.
15.784 Operations Lab Spring 9 Cr.
15.786 Product Management Lab IAP
12 Cr.
15.830 Enterprise Management Lab Fall 9 Cr.
15.878 Sustainable Business Lab Spring 9 Cr.
15.S66 MENA Lab: Promoting Innovation and Entrepreneurship in the Middle East and North Africa Spring 15 Cr.
15.S73 SSIM: Alternative Investments Lab Spring 9 Cr.
Lydia Kaprelian | MBA '22
Seeing how product managers interact with all different parts of a company, from engineering to sales to marketing, got me excited for all the ways that I can drive impact.

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