MIT Sloan Action Learning

Bringing Theory to Life

Action-based learning opportunities are found throughout MIT Sloan's degree programs. While project activities vary, they are united by common themes, including experiential, reflective, and peer learning; faculty mentoring; real-world problem solving; knowledge transfer; and, perhaps unique to MIT Sloan, a student team engagement intended to have a measurable business and/or social impact. These real-time management challenges bring theory to life.

"Our action learning projects fundamentally change people. Beyond engaging students in real business decisions, our projects develop resilient leaders who drive innovation, understand an organization's purpose in the world, and experience the impact that a single individual can have."
-David Schmittlein, John C Head III Dean

Action Learning projects take place at MIT and across the world. On every project, students get a rare first-hand look at corporate structures, new business ideas, and a wide array of operational challenges facing organizations around the world. Host companies include well-established companies, entrepreneurial ventures, NGOs, government organizations, and nonprofits. The variety of settings challenges students to manage projects in multilingual, multicultural business environments with a range of management and business development approaches.

At the conclusion of each project, students are provided with multiple ways to reflect on their learning experiences—journals, video blogs, mentor coaching, workshops, poster sessions—to better understand the integration of management theory and practice.

Read more about the history, theory, and pedagogy of action learning.

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