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L-Lab teaches you how to resolve conflict and how to communicate with others. It's not about how we change each other, but how we work well together.”
Nirav Patel MBA '12

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MIT Sloan’s Action Learning projects and accomplishments have garnered the attention of media outlets across the globe.

Students from MIT—one of the world’s leading business schools—collaborate with local companies to learn about strategic growth, penetration of new markets and more

Through MIT’s Israel Lab, host companies gain insights and expertise in critical areas such as strategic growth, new market entry, pricing, marketing, benchmarking, fundraising, and financial strategies. Students, on the other hand, have unprecedented opportunities to apply their advanced knowledge from the classroom to real time business challenges.

Opinion: The Start-Up Nation’s lessons for international entrepreneurs

As it happens to so many, approaching the Western Wall provides visitors with a sense of perspective and understanding of Israel that will stay with them long after they leave. For my students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the experience provided them with an understanding of the connection between Israel’s booming startup scene and the country’s sense of culture and history.

The world’s best business management students have arrived in Israel

You have no doubt heard of one of the world’s leading technology and management schools, MIT, so it’s no surprise that Israeli start-ups have as well. The prestigious school has a project in which students from the MIT management school, or MIT Sloan, work with eight Israeli start-ups.

MIT students advise Israeli start-ups

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הסטודנטים מ-MIT שמייעצים בישראל
אם היו מעניקים לכם במתנה ייעוץ של בוגרי MIT הרווארד וייל האם הייתם
מתלבטים? אמנם היועצים הם רק סטודנטים אבל חברות הסטראט אפ הישראליות
שמחו לשמוע כל רעיון שלהם


Students from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management have collaborated with Israeli start-up companies to create joint strategic plans on new market entry.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology Sloan School of Management teams and Israeli start-ups worked together to create joint strategic plans on new market entry.


Yedioth Ahronoth

MIT Sloan School of Management students collaborate with Israeli start-up companies. Among them: GroupTo, Reporty, Revelator and ScaleMe.

MIT and Israeli start-ups collaborate for a second consecutive year


Dedicated teams from the MIT Sloan School of Management are collaborating with eight Israeli start-ups as a part of the Israel Lab program. The program was launched in 2016 with six companies participating.

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