Product Management Certificate

Product Management is a discipline relevant to every industry. It guides every step of a product’s lifecycle—from development to positioning to pricing, focusing on the product and its customers.  Research, strategy, operations, sustainability, finance, marketing, and data analysis are all part of the job. And there’s more. Demand for qualified product managers is growing, which is why we created this specialized certificate program for MIT Sloan degree program graduate students. 

What to expect:  

  1. Target your education to your specific professional goals. 
  2. Get hands-on experience in a real-life product management project before you graduate. 
  3. Earn a specialized credential from MIT Sloan, demonstrating to employers that you have what it takes to succeed in product management. 
  4. Join a vibrant community of passionate and dedicated leaders, giving you access to MIT Sloan alumni in product management around the world. 

Interested in receiving the  Product Management Certificate? Please follow this link to express your interest and/or register for the certificate. 

Current graduate students at MIT Sloan should contact the PM Program Coordinator, Yvonne Patterson for more information.

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Of students go on to take jobs in product management—making it the second-largest job category for graduates.


Our 45-unit certificate curriculum is built on MIT’s unique culture of collaboration, technology-driven innovation, and hands-on experiences. The program is open to MIT Sloan degree program graduate students. The 2024-25 requirements are listed below (subject to change).

—Required Courses (6 units)

Course Title
15.786 Product Management Lab Portion IAP
6 Cr.
15.786 Product Management H3 Course Portion Spring 6 Cr.

Elective Courses (select 33 units from below) 

Our wide-range of electives allow you to pursue your specific interests in product management. 


Course Title
15.071 The Analytics Edge Spring 12 Cr.
15.358 Platform Strategy and Entrepreneurship Spring 6 Cr.
15.387 Entrepreneurial Sales Fall 12 Cr.
15.390 New Enterprises Fall 12 Cr.
15.467 Asset Management, Lifecycle Investing, and Retirement Finance Spring 9 Cr.
15.483 Consumer Finance and FinTech Spring 6 Cr.
15.570 Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics Fall 6 Cr.
15.761 Introduction to Operations Management Fall 9 Cr.
15.778 Introduction to Operations Management Summer 9 Cr.
15.783[J] Product Design and Development Spring 12 Cr.
15.814 Marketing Innovation Fall 9 Cr.
15.819 Marketing Analytics Spring 9 Cr.
15.821 Listening to the Customer Spring 6 Cr.
15.911 Entrepreneurial Strategy Fall 9 Cr.

Applications to PM-Lab have increased 7-fold since 2019.


 Product Management Lab (PM Lab) 

More and more students are seeking hands-on experience in  product management. Enrollment in PM-Lab has increased dramatically since its creation in 2019. This popular action learning course gives students a chance to get hands-on experience with a real-life business project. Most PM-Lab participants go on to land jobs in product management in summer internships and full-time positions. 

In 2021, 82 students worked with 40 host companies from 7 different industries.  In 2024, the number of students in PM-Lab increased by 19.5%. 

A Vibrant Product Management Community 

The Product Management Club is one of the largest clubs at MIT Sloan, with over 700 registered members and an active LinkedIn group including current students and alumni.  The club sponsors a variety of events, connecting students with each other, and with guest speakers who are leading professionals in product management across industries.