• Pioneering research methods

    Pioneering research methods

    Combining quantitative fundamentals with an interdisciplinary approach.

    Collaborative relationships

    Collaborative relationships

    Faculty mentoring enriches the student experience.

    Curriculum that furthers understanding

    Engaging Curriculum

    Enabling students to master concepts and research skills.

    Sinan 2

    Social Media

    Pioneering contributors and exploring further.
    The 3Cs and 4Ps

    The 3Cs and 4Ps

    And much, much more.
  • MIT Sloan's marketing faculty continues the proud tradition established at MIT Sloan nearly half a century ago, combining scientific fundamentals with innovative ideas and an interdisciplinary approach to research.

    Members of the MIT Sloan marketing group have pioneered research methods, marketing models, and decision-support systems that have enhanced new product development, identified customer desires, predicted customer behavior, and have led to enhanced understanding of marketing strategy. The concept of marketing science, established and popularized at MIT Sloan, remains a critical component of marketing strategy in corporations across the globe.

    Marketing faculty have diverse interests with advanced degrees in marketing, psychology, economics, management science, sociology, and operations research. These diverse backgrounds inform their research and data collection methods and expand the scope of the topics studied.