The Marketing Group brings leading experts and practitioners from the field to campus to share their knowledge and experience.  Most seminars are held on Tuesdays in E62-550.  Below is a list of the current semester's planned speakers.

Marketing Seminar Fall 2023

  • September 26

    Madhav Kumar (Postdoctoral Associate at MIT Sloan)

    “Inclusive Recommendations”

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • October 3

    Jenny Allen (MIT Sloan)

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • October 17

    Caio Waisman (Northwestern)

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • October 31

    Kwabena Donkor (Stanford)

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • November 7

    Negin Golrezaei (MIT Sloan)

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • November 14

    Reed Orchinik (MIT Sloan)

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • November 28

    Zelin (James) Li (MIT Sloan)

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • December 5

    Gord Pennycook (Cornell)

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • December 12

    Koen Pauwels (Northeastern)

    E62-550 @ 11:30am

  • September 19

    Alex Moehring (MIT Sloan)

    “Personalized Rankings and User Engagement: An Empirical Evaluation of the Reddit News Feed, 2023”

  • September 12

    Yifei Wang (MIT Sloan)

    “Competition and Privacy”

  • September 7

    Keyan Li (MIT Sloan)

    “Targeted Marketing with Large Batches”

Past Seminars