Maureen Ellenberger

Senior Lecturer, Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship

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Maureen Ellenberger
Maureen brings over 28 years of executive management and entrepreurnial experience in professional services, technology enabled solutions and online consumer service sectors. Early in her career, Maureen worked at Bell Laboratories focusing on operating systems development and project management. These skills provided an excellent foundation for a variety of roles in the software field and led to her focus on creating and managing companies from startup and early stage, positioning them for growth and sustainability in rapidly changing environments. Eggrock Partners, her first successful startup company, launched in September, 1997. As CEO and president, she grew the company from a business plan and model to a profitable $30 million systems integration and business solutions firm focused on emerging enterprises and mid -market clients. After selling Eggrock, Maureen has been CEO of several venture backed companies and an entrepreneur-in-residence at Battery Ventures. Most recently, Maureen served as the CEO of a venture-backed internet consumer company, auctionPAL, that provides an easy way for consumers and small businesses to sell items online.

Maureen is a New England Clean Energy Foundation 2009 Fellow and is currently working on several projects in the Clean Energy space. She is on the CEO Steering Committee of the MIT Enterprise Forum and is active in several non-profits in the Boston area. Maureen attended Boston University and University of Denver.


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