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Finance is the study of how economic resources are channeled through time, across business activities, and around the globe to help individuals and institutions manage their affairs more effectively. Finance has become the universal language of commerce—cutting across industries, countries, and circumstances—and is now an indispensable tool for fueling innovation and economic growth, planning for retirement, and managing risk. If used improperly, finance can also be a source of misaligned incentives and systemic risk; hence the stakes have never been higher.

The MIT Sloan Finance Group is dedicated to conducting rigorous and relevant research in finance, educating a broad range of students and executives in the latest financial models and methods, and advising regulators and policymakers on finance-related policy issues. With 21 full-time tenure-track and 16 affiliated faculty, the MIT Sloan Finance Group covers a broad range of research interests including corporate finance, consumer finance, risk management, international finance, derivative securities, financial engineering, asset management, and behavioral finance. Educational programs include the MBA Finance Track, the Master of Finance, and the Finance PhD program, while the Laboratory for Financial Engineering, the Center for Finance and Policy, and the MIT Sloan Trading Room provide opportunities for faculty and students to engage in joint research and teaching activities.

Through innovative academic programs, a wide selection of course offerings, and groundbreaking research, the MIT Sloan Finance Group is committed to its role as a world leader in financial thought and education.

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Focus On: Sussman Fellowship Recipient, Professor Robert C. Merton

Focus On Sussman Fellowship Recipient, Professor Robert C. Merton

Professor Merton was recently named the recipient of the S. Donald Sussman Fellowship. The Fellowship is awarded to individuals or groups who best exemplify S. Donald Sussman’s career as a successful investor in quantitative investment strategies and models.

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