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Teaching is a crucial part of the work of the MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER). The teaching our faculty members provide takes many forms. Through our Ph.D. program, we cultivate the next generation of researchers to generate cutting-edge and relevant research that focuses on work and employment.  IWER faculty also teach innovative courses for MBAs and other master’s students, and some IWER-affiliated professors lead executive education classes or offer online classes to the general public.  

IWER doctoral students gain a multidisciplinary understanding of work and employment topics.

Credit: MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER)

The IWER PhD program. The MIT Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER) offers a renowned interdisciplinary PhD program in Management within the MIT Sloan School. The IWER PhD program draws on MIT faculty’s deep knowledge of issues central to work, employment, and related public policies and blends understanding of the institutions that shape labor markets with advanced analytical training in social science methodology. We admit a small number of doctoral students and work closely with them throughout their graduate career. Our goal is to place the graduates of our PhD program in the best research university programs in the world.  

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IWER’s weekly seminar series brings together faculty and PhD students from across MIT and other universities to discuss emerging research findings.

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Classes for MBAs and other master’s students. IWER-affiliated faculty also teach a wide variety of MBA and Executive MBA courses on topics related to work and employment. These courses are open to all graduate students at MIT as well as to students from partner universities in the Cambridge-Boston area.  

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