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IWER Pioneers

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IWER Seminar Series

Each Tuesday, IWER hosts one of the longest-running seminar series at MIT. It brings together faculty and students from across the Institute and the wider community to discuss research in progress on contemporary work and employment issues. View the FALL 2016 schedule.


The interdisciplinary IWER doctoral program

Devoted to issues related to work, labor, and employment relations, as well as human resource management, labor market issues, and related public policies. Learn more.

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Work, the workforce, and the economy are interdependent and rapidly changing. But the institutions and policies governing work still map to the industrial economy of the past. At the Institute for Work and Employment Research (IWER), faculty from MIT Sloan and other departments across the Institute are educating a new generation of researchers to reinvent the ways we work. The mission: address the needs and realities of 21st-century workers and the organizations that employ them.

IWER is a highly collaborative hub for the study of work and employment. The PhD program and weekly seminars attract researchers from around the world who want to learn about—and contribute to—the evolution of processes, policies, and procedures at the frontier of work.



speakupforworkThis is a project to encourage ourselves, and you, to speak up about your job, your career, and your life… Listen to what young workers today are saying. Agree. Disagree. Comment. Let’s have an open and honest conversation about this, and maybe together we can bring American values of fairness, respect and opportunity to bear in shaping the future of work.

Join us. Speak Up For Work.

Speak Up for Work is an initiative to encourage people to speak up about work—so individually and together we can bring American values of fairness, respect, and human decency to bear in shaping the future of work for the next generation.