• Collaborative Environment

    Students at MIT Sloan are quick to praise the collegial environment they find on campus. Ask anyone what makes MIT Sloan a special place, and you’ll hear about the people: genuine, curious, intelligent, resourceful, grounded people with open minds, who work together toward common goals.

    Bright Minds, United

    Collaboration between students begins immediately with orientation sessions before the start of classes. Through a variety of group exercises, students are introduced to each other, departments, and team capabilities. They work together and bring the right diversity of skills and people together to develop the best solutions.

    Your Ocean, Your Team

    During the first, or “Core,” semester, students are divided into six cohorts with nearly 70 students in each from a rich mix of backgrounds, interests, and experiences. Each cohort moves through the Core semester together.

    Within each cohort, smaller teams of six or seven students work together throughout the Core semester on assignments, collaborate on projects, and study for exams. Just like the cohort, the team’s diversity parallels that of the modern workplace. Cohorts and teams provide safe places to learn new skills and test leadership abilities.

    Through Action Learning labs, Innovation Teams, study tours, student treks, and club activities, students regularly connect across the school—and the Institute—bringing ideas to life ideas and discovering new ways to make an impact in the world.