• Personalized Curriculum

    After the first-semester Core, MIT Sloan students construct a completely personalized course of study, choosing to “self-manage” their curriculum or from different track and certificate options to match their interests and career goals.

    MIT Sloan students receive either an MBA degree or, if they complete an optional thesis, Master of Science in Management (SM).

    Tracks and Certificate Programs

    MBA students may pursue optional specialized tracks in Finance, Entrepreneurship & Innovation, and in Enterprise Management, with the option of pursuing certificates in Sustainability or Healthcare.

    Dual and Joint Degrees

    MIT Sloan and the MIT School of Engineering offer the joint degree program Leaders for Global Operations, which combines coursework in management and engineering with an internship at an MIT partner company. LGO students earn an MBA and a Master of Science in Engineering from MIT.

    The MIT Sloan and Harvard Kennedy School of Government dual degree enables students to receive both an MBA and a Masters in Public Affairs or Masters in Public Policy in preparation for management roles at all levels of government or at non-governmental organizations or non-profits.

    Academic Calendar

    Although the MIT Sloan two-year MBA experience encompasses four semesters, they do not follow the typical sequence. Each semester is divided in half, separated by the Sloan Innovation Period, a dedicated week of experiential learning based on the themes of the mission of the School.

    The first-semester Core prepares students for a more action-oriented second half of the year. To facilitate hands-on learning, the Independent Activities Period provides a month of nontraditional courses and events held every January across the Institute. During the spring semester, spring break is followed by spring Sloan Innovation Period, allowing a two-week pause in the traditional classroom curriculum for credit-bearing global experiences.