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  • Annual Doctoral Research Forum

    We believe that our doctoral program is the heart of MIT Sloan's research community and that it develops some of the best management researchers in the world.  At our Annual Doctoral Research Forum, we celebrate the great research that our doctoral students do, and the research community that supports that development process. 

    Watch some videos from this event in recent years.
  • 2015 Doctoral Research Forum

    Explaining Unequal Returns to Social Capital Among Entrepreneurs

    Mabel Abraham

  • A Risk-Sharing Pricing Contract in B2B Service Supply Chains: An Application to Healthcare

    Fernanda Bravo Plaza

  • Made in the U.S.A? A Study of Firm Responses to Domestic Production Inc

    Rebecca Lester

  • Reverse Knowledge Spillovers from Industry to Academia

    Eunhee Sohn

  • Yes/No/Not Right Now

    Eleanor Putnam-Farr

  • Government Credit, a Double-Edged Sword: Evidence from the China Development Bank

    Hong Ru

  • Skill Demands and Mismatch in U.S. Manufacturing: Evidence and Implications

    Andrew Weaver

  • Aggregate Dynamics in an Economy And Thesis Prize

    Indrajit Mitra

  • Why Do Luxury Hotels Charge for Internet Whereas Economy Hotels Do Not?

    Song Lin

  • 2013 Doctoral Research Forum

    Do Agents Game Their Agent's Behavior? Evidence from Sales Managers

    Alan Benson
  • The Polarizing Effect of Arousal on Negotiation

    Ashley Brown
  • Upgrading Under Volatility in a Global Economy

    Hiram M. Samel
  • Is Knowledge Trapped Inside the Ivory Tower?

    Michael Bikard
  • Authenticity Concerns and Retro Fashion Turns: Baseball's Commitment Crisis and the Re-Popularization of Discarded Venue Decisions

    Oliver Hahl