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MIT Sloan launches new strategic collaboration with Parthenope University of Naples


CAMBRIDGE, Mass., July 22, 2021 – The MIT Sloan School of Management recently announced a five-year agreement with Parthenope University of Naples for a strategic collaboration supporting Parthenope’s new Master in Entrepreneurship and Innovation Management (MEIM). The new 12-month master’s program includes a three-week immersion on the MIT campus.

“As a global leader in management education, MIT’s mission is to make high-quality education accessible around the world. This collaboration is an exciting opportunity for Parthenope’s MEIM students to participate in the educational ecosystem at MIT Sloan. As important, it further strengthens MIT Sloan’s connections with European academic, business, and government communities,” says MIT Sloan Dean David Schmittlein.

“Building on academic connections is a cornerstone of this new collaboration,” notes MIT Sloan Assistant Dean of Global Programs David Capodilupo. “Parthenope was a leader in Cohort 6 of the Regional Entrepreneurship Acceleration Program, our initiative that engages communities to develop and strengthen innovation-driven entrepreneurial ecosystems. Parthenope’s commitment to transforming the economy in the Campania region of Italy provides valued opportunity for such ecosystem growth.”

MIT Sloan Prof. Emilio J. Castilla, faculty director of the collaboration, adds, “We are thrilled to be expanding our outreach in Europe. Like the rest of the world, the EU is in a dynamic time of change, with pressing challenges and emerging opportunities. This collaboration with Parthenope opens doors for deeper understanding and the development of the organization skills needed to successfully manage this change in a way that benefits everyone socially and economically.”

The Parthenope MEIM program is designed to help students develop managerial, entrepreneurial, and technological skills to innovate and overcome challenges of an increasingly complex economy. During their immersion at MIT, their students will participate in classes, company visits, and cultural activities.

As part of the collaboration, MIT Sloan faculty will visit Naples to lecture in the Parthenope MEIM program and Parthenope faculty can visit MIT Sloan as International Faculty Fellows to conduct research and curriculum development under the mentorship of MIT Sloan faculty.

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