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"Celebrating this centennial provides us with an opportunity to look back with pride and to celebrate our extraordinary community. Just as importantly, this is a time to recommit to our School and its future. We have a responsibility to carry our legacy of innovation, discovery, and excellence into the future. We must sustain and protect all that this School has been, all that it is, and all that it will be."

David Schmittlein, John C Head III Dean

A century of transformative ideas

In 1914 the Massachusetts Institute of Technology introduced Course XV, fulfilling founder William Barton Rogers’ vision of creating “a school of industrial science, and aiding generally, by suitable means, the advancement, development, & practical application of science in connection with arts, agriculture, manufactures, and commerce.”

Originally called Engineering Administration, this course formalized MIT’s commitment to management education and evolved over the next 100 years to become the MIT Sloan School of Management we know today.

During the past 100 years, we have attracted the world’s brightest problem solvers, entrepreneurs, and leaders – men and women whose groundbreaking ideas have helped develop generations of principled, innovative leaders who advance management practice and improve the world. Their vital contributions to management education have been shaped by the unique and creative learning environment of MIT.

Marking 100 Years of Management Education at MIT

In the 2013-2014 school year, we celebrated a century of innovative management education at MIT with a year of activities on campus and around the world. Learn more about our celebrations, view pictures from our gatherings with alumni, students, faculty, and staff, and view and contribute to our interactive timeline, created to commemorate and live beyond Course XV’s centennial year.