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Bringing student teams together

While the specifics of each Action Learning Lab vary, teams are typically comprised of four to six students. Team members have a wide range of backgrounds and expertise, from management consulting and financial services to manufacturing and service operations, to name just a few.

Teams engage in three- to four-month project engagements that include the following milestones:

  • Through a process administered by the lab's teaching team, each student team is matched with a host organization's project to solve a real-world business problem or challenge.
  • Each host organization determines the project's scope, schedule, and deliverables, negotiating with teams as necessary.
  • Teams work remotely from campus with the host organizations for two to three months.
  • Teams participate in a two- or three-week on-site project with the host organization, during which they work full-time for and with the company.
  • Teams deliver a formal presentation to the host company's senior management, as well as written recommendations, analyses, and any tools that were developed during the engagement.

To read about lab-specific team logistics, please visit each Action Learning Lab's section.

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