MIT Sloan Predoctoral Opportunities

At MIT Sloan, helping students discover their futures and shape their life stories is an important part of our mission: to develop principled, innovative leaders who improve the world and to generate ideas that advance management practice. Here, we offer guidance and pathways to advanced degree and doctoral programs. Our faculty partner with all kinds of learners, from high school students to undergraduates though predoctoral students, helping them discover unimagined research careers and opportunities.

Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers (PREDOC)

Predoctoral research programs provide valuable early-career exposure to research techniques and offer participants a preview of what to expect in an academic career. The Pathways to Research and Doctoral Careers (PREDOC) consortium aims to foster a talented, diverse, and inclusive population in the quantitative social sciences, with a long-term goal of increasing diversity among faculty in business schools and economics departments.

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Please direct questions related to MIT Sloan Predoctoral opportunities to Ray Reagans.

Current Research Opportunities

  • Professors Christopher Palmer, Lawrence Schmidt, Taha Choukhmane, Dan Greenwald, & Emil Verner

    The project is a worldwide study of the relationship between credit expansions, macroeconomic fluctuations, and financial crises. The study is based on the construction of a large and novel database on the sectoral distribution of private credit for 116 countries starting in 1940. The project is motivated by the observation that many credit booms end in financial crises, but others are linked to more benign macroeconomic outcomes. Theory predicts that the sectoral allocation of credit --- what credit is used for --- matters for distinguishing between these “bad” and "good" credit booms. These novel data allow us to more closely examine the nature of credit booms and how the characteristics of credit booms shape their aftermath. These results will inform macro-finance models of credit cycles and financial crises, as well as the policy response to these booms. This is a large ongoing research project and has recently been awarded with the European Systemic Risk Board's Ieke van den Burgh Prize. 

    Skills required: Proficiency in Stata and Python are required

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  • Rahul Bhui & Abdullah Almaatouq

    Our goal is to understand the causes and consequences of rational and irrational judgment. To do this, we take a highly interdisciplinary approach that combines cognitive science and behavioral economics, and investigate a wide range of decisions using a blend of computational cognitive modeling and behavioral experiments.

    Skills required: Coding experience in JavaScript, data analysis experience with R or Matlab

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