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    Executive Programs for Innovative Leaders

    Learning that drives performance.
  • Our degree and non-degree executive programs are tailored to meet the needs of leaders who seek to drive innovation, lead change, and solve complex business challenges. 

    Led by experienced MIT Sloan faculty, our executive programs offer breakthrough research-based insights and provide excellent networking opportunities with business leaders from around the world. These programs will enable you to take your career to the next level.

    MIT Executive MBA MIT Sloan Fellows Program Executive Education
    A world-class, 20-month Executive-schedule MBA program for mid-career executives poised at pivotal junctures in their careers.

    • Use your education to increase your impact immediately – learning because you’re working.
    • Integrate global leadership with the science of management.
    • Leverage and learn from an extraordinary, high-performing peer group.

    An elite, one-year full-time immersive MBA program offering unprecedented opportunities and customized curriculum to magnify your impact as a leader.

    Cutting-edge courses and non-degree Executive Certificates that fit your busy schedule.

    • Select from over 30 two-day to month-long courses offered throughout the year.
    • Earn an Executive Certificate in one visit – or at your own pace.
    • Complete a five-week intensive Advanced Management Program.
    • Engage with world-renowned faculty and business leaders from around the globe.


    Customized executive education for your organization

    We create programs that respond to the unique needs of dynamic organizations. Our custom programs have helped some of the world’s most influential companies maximize opportunities, master their most complex challenges, and drive revolutionary change from within.
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    Compare Programs

    MIT Sloan offers a diverse portfolio of Executive Education Programs. Compare their schedules and features to determine which one will best help you build your leadership skills, expand your network, and take your career to the next level.

    Programs Degree Received Average
    Work Experience
    Length of Study
    MIT Executive MBA MBA 17 years 20 months, executive schedule (October-May)
    MIT Sloan Fellows
    Program in Innovation 
    and Global Leadership
    MBA or SM 14 years 12 months
    MIT Sloan Executive Education: Executive Courses NONE 15 years 2-5 days
    MIT Sloan Executive Education: Executive Certificate NONE 15 years 8-20 days
    MIT Sloan Executive Education: Advanced Certificate for 
    Executives in Management, Innovation, and Technology
    NONE 15 years 25 days
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