John Hauser

Kirin Professor of Marketing

Professor of Marketing

John Hauser

John Hauser is the Kirin Professor of Marketing and a Professor of Marketing at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Hauser is an authority on a wide range of marketing and product development areas, including the design and marketing of new products, voice-of-the-customer methods, customer satisfaction incentives, market research methods, new product forecasting models, competitive marketing strategy, and metrics to manage product development.

His latest research focuses on virtual customer methods, automated marketing, and product development metrics. Virtual customer methods address a variety of modes by which one gathers customer input from the web. He and his coauthors are developing and testing new web-based methods to radically reduce the time lag between customer input and product development response—and with much higher-quality information. Recent applications include polyhedral methods of adaptive conjoint analysis; Greedoid methods for identifying must-have product features; Bayesian triggers to identify new product opportunities from virtual-advisor data; machine-learning methods to understand the heuristics consumers use when faced with complex decisions; and improvements to recommenation systems based on consumer preference learning. His MIT team has developed websites that “morph” in response to customers’ cognitive styles and, in doing so, increase sales dramatically. These methods are now being applied in a variety of areas.

Hauser holds an SB and an SM in electrical engineering, an SM in civil engineering, and an ScD in operations research, all from MIT.

General Expertise: Consumer behavior; Customer satisfaction; Market research; Marketing; Positioning; Preference learning in recommendation systems; Product design; Product development; Product management; Product strategy; Trust-based marketing; Virtual customer; Web-based marketing


For more background on this faculty member's research and academic initiatives, please visit the MIT Sloan faculty directory.

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