Thomas J Allen

Howard W. Johnson Professor of Management, Emeritus
Professor of Organization Studies

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Thomas J Allen

Thomas J. Allen is the Howard W. Johnson Professor of Management, Emeritus and Professor of Organizations Studies at the MIT Sloan School of Management.

His long-term research focuses on project management in the pharmaceutical and aerospace industries. Specializing in organizational psychology and management, Allen explores the relationship between organizational structure and behavior, the role of technological gatekeepers in technology transfer, and how a building’s layout influences communication.  As a result of his research, MIT Sloan’s new building features faculty office clusters designed to promote a broad range of interaction among faculty and graduate students.  Allen is also a source for stories on international technology transfer, reward systems for technical professionals, and how organizational structure affects project performance.

He holds a BS in physics from Upsala College, as well as an SM in electrical engineering and management and a PhD in management from MIT. 


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Office: E62-360
Tel: (617) 253-6651
Fax: (617) 452-3331

General Expertise
Engineering management; Pharmaceuticals