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    The curriculum includes integrating core courses, electives, team projects, and real-world experiences. You’ll broaden your perspective through conversations with global leaders and work with peers from more than 30 nations. You’ll learn from a faculty encompassing experts in fields from entrepreneurship to operations. And you’ll become part of MIT’s own inventive economy—a dynamic, interdisciplinary collective of individuals wired to improve the world.

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    Degree options

    In the MIT Sloan Fellows MBA program, you have the choice to earn an MBA, a Master of Science in Management, or a Master of Science in Management of Technology. The degree you decide to pursue will determine whether you must complete a thesis.


    If you decide to pursue an MS in Management or a MS in Management Technology, you are required to complete a thesis—individually or with a coauthor. If you pursue an MBA, you are not required to develop a thesis, but you are welcome to do so. Alumni who have opted to write a thesis emphasize the significant impact that their research had in transitioning them to new roles within their organizations.