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    The MIT Sloan Fellows curriculum builds on a foundation of management, innovation, and global leadership. This is just a sample of what your year at MIT could look like (courses subject to change): 

    360° Leadership Assessment
    April Orientation in Cambridge

    15.s21 - Introduction to 3 Pillars*
    15.809 - Marketing and Strategy*
    15.060 - Data, Models, and Decisions*
    15.511 - Financial Accounting*
    15.s61 - Organizational Processes*
    15.024 - Applied Economics for Managers*
    15.414 - Financial Management*
    15.778 - Introduction to Operations Management*
    15.s64 - Competitive Strategy*
    *required courses

    Most courses meet two times a week and modules are 3.5 days.
    15.871 - System Dynamics*
    15.322 - Leading Organizations*
    15.015 - Macro and International Economics*
    15.223 - Global Markets, National Policies and the Competitive Advantages of Firms*
    15.374 - Innovation-Driven Advantage*
    15.325 - Seminar in Leadership*
    Leadership Module - New York 
    *required courses

    Sample of Fall Electives
    15.2840 - Strategic Leadership Communication
    15.570 - Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics
    15.671 - U-Lab: Transforming Self, Business, and Society
    15.818 - Pricing

    Independent Activities Period [mid-January]
    IAP is a 4-week timeframe of optional for-credit and non-credit courses offered to students across MIT. IAP offerings range from one session to multiple sessions, 1-day workshops to 3-week courses. Many Fellows spend this time working on their thesis. IAP also features four days of executive electives for current MIT Sloan Fellows and alumni and for MIT Executive MBA students and alumni. 

    Most courses meet two times a week and modules are 3.5 days.
    15.326 - Seminar in Leadership II*
    Innovation Module - Cambridge, MA  
    Global Perspectives Module - Washington D.C.  
    *required courses

    Sample of Spring Electives
    15.445 - Mergers, Acquisitions, and Private Equity
    15.S09 - Corporate Boards: Their Responsibilities and Functions
    15.665 - Power and Negotiation
    15.S14 - Global Business of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics (GBAIR)
    15.268 - Choice Points: Thinking about Life and Leadership through Literature
    15.071 - The Analytics Edge