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  • a global community

    The MIT Sloan Fellows community is dynamic and welcoming, coming together from diverse backgrounds and all corners of the world to learn, teach, and invent the future at MIT Sloan.

    This is a rare opportunity to step back for a full year to rethink and reinvigorate your career and your life. To build knowledge, confidence, and critical leadership skills. To meet and brainstorm with some of the greatest thinkers and leaders of your day. And to do all that at MIT in collaboration with 100+ talented global peers at MIT – a community of hands-on problem solvers eager to make the world a better place.

    Download our program brochure to take a closer look at the MIT Sloan Fellows experience.

  • rooted-in-the-institute

    Rooted in the institute

    Management education has been part of MIT since 1914, when the Institute first offered a course in engineering administration. In 1930, when the president of General Motors, Alfred Sloan, grappled with the widening disconnect between his engineers and senior managers, he looked to his alma mater for a solution. MIT answered the call and created a program for engineers with executive potential. These “sponsored fellows” would build on their engineering foundation, but broaden their business knowledge so they could excel in executive leadership positions. Thus began the MIT Sponsored Fellowships program. Today, the MIT Sloan Fellows program brings together mid-career executives from around the world, from a variety of professions and industries; and gives them a forum for collaboration and growth.