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MIT Sloan faculty on what it takes to lead the future of work


Collection of articles from MIT Sloan’s Ideas Made to Matter on the workforce of the future

Cambridge, Mass., Wednesday, May 18, 2022—Executives and managers are adapting to new norms for remote and hybrid work and engaging with workforces seeking security in the face of digital transformation.

But that’s today.

In the years ahead, leaders will need to adopt new styles of management, consider a new social contract that includes multiple stakeholders, and seek workers prepared to navigate ongoing ambiguity and change. 

A collection of articles packaged and released today from MIT Sloan School of Management’s Ideas Made to Matter website examines the skills and knowledge managers need now to guide organizations over the long term. From distributed leadership to the traits of the workforce of the future, MIT Sloan experts offer ideas about managing the future. Articles include:

Why distributed leadership is the future of management

Successfully leading a company into the future is no longer about 30-year strategic plans, or even 5- or 10-year roadmaps. It’s about adopting a strategic mindset that focuses on small, short-term wins that allow companies to respond to evolving technology and external risks like geopolitical conflict, pandemics, and the climate crisis.

MIT Sloan experts:

5 traits of the workforce of the future — and how to boost them now

Future-ready employees are empowered, data-literate, comfortable with AI and machine learning, and committed to social and climate concerns.

MIT Sloan experts:

How to make ‘work of the future’ work for everyone

Guided by a new social contract, this article explains how companies can deliver for shareholders, employees, and global communities as they develop next-generation working models.

MIT Sloan experts:

What ‘Work of the Future’ means to 5 business leaders

Data and AI, leading with empathy, and retaining workers are top of mind for executives from Google, Target, and Amgen. 

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