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MIT Sloan > LearningEdge > Simulations > CleanStart: Simulating a Clean Energy Startup
CleanStart- Simulating a Clean Energy Startup
John Sterman, David Miller and Joe Hsueh
In this live, web-based simulation, participants play the role of the founder of a new startup company in the exciting and competitive clean tech sector. Can you develop your technology into a successful company? Each quarter you must set prices, decide how many engineers and sales people to hire, and set compensation, including salary, stock, options and profit sharing. Will you pitch your firm to venture capitalists or bootstrap and remain 100% employee owned? Will you win customers and become cash flow positive before you run out of funds? Will you succeed and take your firm public?
Learning Objective
To allow players to experience the challenges of building a startup company in a demanding competitive environment, including financial, human resource, strategic and other decisions.
Could be taught in the following course(s)
entrepreneurship/new ventures, strategy, economics, sustainability, alternative energy/energy policy, human resources, and any courses in which the dynamics of startups and employee ownership, or the challenges of developing renewable energy and cleantech businesses are considered
​Now Available!                                                                                                            Corporate trainers, consultants, and educators from non-academic institutions can now access our simulations directly from our simulation partner, Forio, here.