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MIT Sloan's Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab) teams work with the founding teams of high-tech startups on projects of strategic importance to the venture.

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Entrepreneurship Lab

MIT Sloan’s Entrepreneurship Lab (E-Lab) student teams, drawn both from MIT and Harvard, work with the founders of high-tech startups on projects of strategic importance. The goal is for students to gain experience with fast-paced, massively scalable startup companies, to apply their academic knowledge to the problems faced by entrepreneurial firms in a context of uncertainty, extreme time pressures, and decision making based on limited information.

Students learn quickly about a new industry, technology or market and strengthen their ability to develop entrepreneurial strategies, to analyze technical feasibility, to identify early-adopters and the right target market, to set pricing, and to define a path to commercialization, ultimately delivering real value to the startup.

At the end of the semester, each team presents its findings and recommendations to the partner company’s senior management.

To learn more about this course, please go to the E-Lab website.


WATCH: Professor Christian Catalini on Entrepreneurship Lab

Student Voices

  • NADIR VISSANJY, MBA ’15 MIT Sloan, MPP ’15 Harvard Kennedy School of Government

    "This summer I will be the Summer Product Marketing Intern with NerdWallet in San Francisco. I’ll be part of the Health Finance vertical developing a marketing strategy for their Ask an Advisor initiative. It’s all about moving the needle in health financing – a very timely problem to tackle. During my interviews I used my E-Lab experience as data points in why I would be a good fit for them. I’m sure having the E-Lab experience and being able to talk to them in depth about the process, project scope, analysis and deliverable made me a much more competitive candidate. So, thank you for a great semester, I learned a lot and I’m already applying it!”

  • NEIL MCQUARRIE, MPA ‘14 Social and Urban Policy, Harvard Kennedy School of Government

    "Thank you so much for your incredible instruction this past semester. The fact that entrepreneurship can in many ways, for example, be a scientific enterprise is really exciting to me –and I would not have learned that were it not for your rigorous treatment of the subject. Your dedication and thoughtfulness were really appreciated.”

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