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15 Quotes on the Culture of MIT Sloan from 2021


“One of the biggest advantages of being a small school—whether you are a student or an administrator—is you have the chance to really get to know everyone. You can build these relationships that will last long after graduation,” outgoing Assistant Dean of Admissions Rod Garcia said last May.

“I think that’s really due to the culture of MIT Sloan. It’s one of the first things I noticed when I came here.”

Whether they combined management and engineering training in MIT Leaders for Global Operations (LGO), learned from industry experts in Action Learning, or returned to MIT Sloan to serve the next generation of entrepreneurs, the Sloanies we spoke to in 2021 fondly recalled this culture of close-knit connectivity and collaboration from their time as students.

Here are 14 other quotes about the culture of MIT Sloan by alumni we spoke to this year:

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