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18 Alumnae Startups You Should Know About


From designing and creating environmentally sound materials to fostering connections between organizations and inclusivity experts, ventures founded and managed by MIT and MIT Sloan alumnae are making positive impacts on the world.

Many of these founders will be in attendance at the MIT Sloan Women’s Conference in Cambridge on Thursday, October 20, through Friday, October 21. Some will even be taking part in the “Pact for Impact: A Social Good Venture Showcase” breakout session.

Here are 18 alumnae startups you should know about:


Who: Elise Strobach, SM ’17, PhD ’20, co-founder and CEO

What: AeroShield is developing super-insulating, transparent inserts for windows and bringing affordable, state-of-the-art thermal comfort and energy savings to businesses and homes.

Advanced Silicon Group

Who: Marcie Black, SB ’94, MEng ’95, PhD ’03, co-founder and CEO

What: Advanced Silicon Group is using nanotechnology to create the next generation of biosensors to lower the barriers to better, more affordable diagnostics.

Aceil Halaby, IDM ’17, co-founder and COO, Bloomer Tech

Bloomer Tech

Who: Alicia Chong Rodriguez, IDM ’18, founder and CEO, and Aceil Halaby, IDM ’17, co-founder and COO

What: Bloomer Tech is integrating advanced fabrics technology and machine learning to turn every item of clothing into lifestyle medical and healthcare devices.

Boston Rhythmic

Who: Smaranda Albeck, MBA ’01, founder and executive director

What: Boston Rhythmic is empowering children through virtual and in-person rhythmic gymnastics instruction and camps.


Who: Apolline Deroche, MFin ’22, founder and CEO

What: Capella is using innovative artificial intelligence and proprietary audio processing to translate the cries of babies for the benefit and peace of mind of caregivers.

ChopValue Boston

Who: Elaine Chow, MBA ’07, founder

What: ChopValue Boston is collecting recycled chopsticks from local food establishments to manufacture home and commercial furnishings.


Who: Katie Hall, EMBA ’20, founder and CEO

What: Claira is helping companies optimize their workforce with a unique platform that combines competency analytics with machine learning.


Who: Anne Wang, EMBA ’22, co-founder and CEO

What: CryptoClear is providing crypto ratings and portfolio analysis to help build trust in decentralized finance.

Patty (Rivera) Ferreira, MBA ’97, founder and CEO, Silvis Materials


Who: Minsun Byun Kevers, SB ’02, co-founder and CEO

What: DiVerity is fostering connections between organizations and expert consultants in diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging.

Elektra Health

Who: Alessandra Henderson, MBA ’16, co-founder and CEO

What: Elektra Health is creating and managing a platform for a community of women that offers evidence-based menopause expertise and modern care.


Who: Claire Beskin, MBA ’22, co-founder

What: Empallo is using artificial intelligence to revolutionize the fight against heart failure.


Who: Lilach Ohad, EMBA ’18, CCO

What: Neki is enabling companies to empower their employees to do good and support causes in the world.


Who: Noelle Marcus, MCP ’17, founder and CEO

What: Nesterly is making housing more affordable for all by fostering mutually beneficial connections across generations, cultures, and lived experiences.


Who: Aziza Ahson, MBA ’21, founder

What: OffGen is curating apparel deals for Gen Z customers through a marketplace platform in order to curtail product waste.

Piction Health

Who: Susan Conover, SDM ’15, co-founder and CEO

What: Piction Health is enabling patients with skin issues to get the proper dermatology care they need via a virtual-first, artificial intelligence-enabled platform.

Katie Hall, EMBA ’20, founder and CEO, Claira

Silvis Materials

Who: Patty (Rivera) Ferreira, MBA ’97, founder and CEO

What: Silvis Materials is reducing manufacturing and industry’s dependence on petroleum by designing and creating environmentally sound materials.

Spoiler Alert

Who: Emily Malina, MBA ’15, co-founder and president

What: Spoiler Alert is using artificial intelligence and automation to empower suppliers to sell more effectively and buyers to purchase more efficiently.


Who: Taylor Baum, SM ’21, PhD candidate, founder and CEO

What: Sprouting is providing consistent and reliable bilingual curriculum to teachers who have too few resources.

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