A Better World in the Making

Imagine a world in which profit and human prosperity are inextricably linked. In which economically viable healthcare is a given, technology enhances human work, and sustainability is at the center of every corporate agenda. In a world like this, tough problems wouldn’t be considered intractable, but solvable.

Investing in Innovation

The 2015 report, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at MIT: Continuing Global Growth and Impact, concludes that, “Well into the second decade of the 21st century, the growth and impact of MIT alumni entrepreneurship continues unabated.” In the first half of the following decade, as a global crisis threatens to undermine the health and economic survival of people, nations, and businesses alike, this declaration still rings true.

Today, MIT Sloan remains fully invested in developing the next generation of principled, innovative leaders—those entrepreneurs who are always endeavoring to make a better world with big ideas and bigger actions. Nowhere is this dedication more evident than in the school’s ongoing efforts to cultivate a more disciplined form of entrepreneurship—so that the innovations created by its world-class faculty, students, and alumni can achieve an even greater impact.

This community of brilliant, practical thinkers is continually creating novel inventions and enterprises; employing them to develop a smarter, fairer digital economy; and harnessing the models, data, and technologies that result as a significant force for good. And the ultimate expression of these labors? The advancement and expansion of new business opportunities for the many instead of the few.

Consider the promising and hopeful examples in this newsletter. From the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship and InnovationHQ—the future hub of student innovation and entrepreneurship here in Cambridge—to projects initiated by Action Learning labs and their alumni across the globe, these stories illustrate the core mission of MIT Sloan. They also demonstrate what the MIT Campaign for a Better World originally set out to accomplish.

Solving the biggest problems of today and tomorrow requires the most creative kinds of innovation, bolstered by the most imaginative forms of entrepreneurship. As the 2015 report notes, MIT is up to the challenge since its “history provides numerous examples of how one major academic institution achieved significant entrepreneurial impact.” So, too, will its future.

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Investing in Innovation

Solving the biggest problems of today and tomorrow requires the most creative kinds of innovation, bolstered by the most imaginative forms of entrepreneurship.

A Healthy Humankind

As the third decade of the 21st century approaches, it is increasingly evident that the fields of economic theory, data analytics, and management science are every bit as crucial to create the health system of the future as is biomedicine. No wonder, then, that in environments built upon cross-disciplinary collaboration such as MIT Sloan, those mind-and-hand–melding partnerships are unlocking new approaches to long-standing quandaries.

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The Evolution of Work

In the massive leaps technology has taken over the last few decades, we see opportunities to accomplish the work of the world in new ways through AI, automation, and robotics. We can free human and financial capital, empower and augment the abilities of workers across industries, and—perhaps most tantalizingly—provide powerful new ways to take on the epoch-defining threats we face today: issues like inequality, education, health, and global climate change.

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A More Sustainable Future

Here at MIT Sloan, much of our wide-ranging work continues to be focused on the critical goal of a sustainable business future: one where the truly epochal benefits of trade itself are balanced with the needs of the planet and its people. While the expansion of trade has driven the kind of technological innovation and poverty reduction our ancestors could only dream of, we also witness a world in which unchecked growth—and reckless business practice—endangers the fundamental well-being of populations and biospheres alike.

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