Meet Prospective Students

Our alumni network is vital to attract the best and brightest students to MIT Sloan. Sharing your story with prospective students brings our community to life and might persuade a perfect applicant to choose MIT Sloan. The admissions office has several ways for you to get involved. If you're looking to engage with the Sloan Community, please fill out following form to sign up for volunteer opportunities with Admissions and to update your contact information with the Alumni Relations Office.


Help Bring the Best and Brightest to MIT Sloan

  • MIT Sloan on the Road

    The Admissions Office hosts presentations virtually. You can help by:

    • Inviting potential applicants interested in business school to attend our events.
    • Advertising our events in your company and through your social media channels.
    • Sharing the alumni invitation with local Sloan Alumni friends and MIT Sloan Alumni Clubs
    • Joining alumni panels and networking sessions.
  • Admitted student receptions

    Host or attend a virtual reception for admitted students. They showcase the strength of the MIT Sloan alumni community.

  • Admitted student outreach

    After applicants are notified of their acceptance, alumni can call admitted students or participate in online chats. Admitted students ask questions and learn more about the school through alumni who have lived it.

  • Company information sessions

    Each year the admissions office hosts company-specific presentations for current employees. Alumni from companies share their MIT Sloan experience.

  • Ask alumni

    Share your expertise with those considering MIT Sloan. Through this program, prospective candidates may contact you to ask questions and hear more about your experience at MIT Sloan.

  • Alumni coffee chats

    Host an informal virtual "coffee chat" in your region with local alumni and prospective students.

  • Online webinar

    Participate in an online webinar or host a webinar on a certain topic and share your experiences with prospective students.