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Top 10 Alumni Stories of 2022


From building a Grammarly-esque app for detecting and correcting bias in interpersonal communication to recalling the hunt for gold in the jungles of Ecuador, the extended MIT Sloan alumni community had many unique stories to tell this year.

Here are the top 10 alumni stories from 2022:

  1. The work of Basima Tewfik (Class of 1943 Career Development Professor; Assistant Professor of Work and Organization Studies) is changing the conversation around common workplace assumptions, like what is popularly known as “imposter syndrome.”
  2. Rachel Stevens, MBA ’15, joined Sloanies Talking with Sloanies to discuss VIENVIE, the women's fashion marketplace startup she founded to solve the problems of fit, style, and discovery for the modern woman.
  3. Okta Co-founder, Executive Vice Chairperson, and COO Frederic Kerrest, MBA ’09, transformed his popular podcast, Zero to IPO, into a book featuring conversations with and actionable advice from many business luminaries in his expansive network.
  4. Many ventures founded and managed by MIT and MIT Sloan alumnae who are making positive impacts on the world were featured at the MIT Sloan Women’s Conference.
  5. The scientific consulting firm Metron used Bayesian search theory to help a mineral exploration company find a lost 16th-century Spanish gold mining camp in Ecuador.
  6. For another episode of Sloanies Talking with Sloanies, Aditi Javeri Gokhale, SB ’96, MBA ’99, discussed her journey from India to MIT, her dedication to leadership and mentoring fellow women, and her commitment to establishing gender equity.
  7. Economist and best-selling author Emily Oster joined MIT Sloan alumnae and faculty for an online conversation about the challenges working women faced before and during the pandemic, and how a work-life balance may be within reach for more employees.
  8. After his young son was diagnosed with and underwent treatment for medulloblastoma, the most common form of malignant brain tumor in children, Fernando Goldsztein, SF ’03, founded the Medulloblastoma Initiative to raise funds to tackle pediatric cancer.
  9. Admissions leaders from MIT and Brown University joined Jackie Selby, EMBA ’21, to discuss current topics in higher education and what the future may hold for college admissions—especially in terms of equitability and accessibility.
  10. is helping people and organizations create and maintain environments that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion through interpersonal communication empowered by a new proprietary application built on advances in artificial intelligence.
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