Career Development Office

Schedule Interviews

Invite-Only Schedules

Employers select candidates to interview from those who have applied directly to their job opportunity and/or through the resume database.  You will provide the CDO with a list of the students you want to interview.  For full-time recruiting, we accepts lists beginning in mid-September and continue on a rolling basis. For MBA internship recruiting, we accept invitation lists beginning in mid-December and continue on a rolling basis.

Open-for-Bid Schedules

Most employers choose invite-only interview schedules.  If you are interested in opening your schedules for bidding,  you can explore this option with your CDO account manager.  

CDO Industry Contacts

Danielle Cañas |  |  617-324-1017
Account Manager for: 
 Banks/Diversified Financial Firms, High Technology and Biotechnology, Pharma/Healthcare, Oil/Energy, Telecommunications

Susan Todd  |  |  617-258-6493
Account Manager for: 
Consulting, Consumer Products, Non-Profit, Retail, Real Estate, Transportation/Defense, Automotive/Aerospace, Entertainment/Media