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Leverage our resume databases to identify students with the specific backgrounds or experience you seek. Search resumes by the student's field of study, prior work and functional experience, language capabilities, and citizenship/work authorization. 

If your company recruits at MIT Sloan, these databases enable you to target candidates to invite to recruiting events or to sign up on your schedule. If you do not come to campus to interview, you may use them to identify and independently contact students who meet your requirements. Resumes are indexed by the student’s preferred. 

Purchase our Resume Databases 

You may pre-order resume databases beginning in early June.  
The full-time resume database is typically released in mid-September; the summer internship resume database is available in early November.

Purchase Resume Databases from GradLeaders

  • All Students:  $400
    Includes MBA 2019, 2020;  LGO and MSMS 2019; MFin, 2019, 2020 
  • Full-Time Seeking Students:  $250
    Includes MBA, LGO, and MSMS 2019, and Master of Finance 2019, 2020
  • Internship-Seeking Students:  $250 
    Includes MBA 2020
  • Executive Students/Experienced Hire and Alumni:  $500
    Sloan Executive MBA, MIT Sloan Fellows MBA, and MIT Sloan Alumni
  • All Students, Executive Students, and Alumni:  $725