MIT Sloan Health Systems Initiative

Sloan Physician Alumni Create Forum to Share Unique Perspectives and Provide Mutual Support

MIT Sloan students bring a variety of experiences when they matriculate at the Institute. Often those with similar work backgrounds, but from different employers or countries seek each other out. One group, physicians, recently formed a new affinity group that is supported by the Office of External Relations (OER). Earlier this month, the initial participants held a meeting to discuss the new group, the MIT Sloan Physicians Forum, to suggest potential activities and to air professional concerns.

Participants spoke about the need for mutual support as doctors, and other healthcare workers, have all experienced an unusual increase in stress and burnout during the pandemic. They also spoke about longer-running conditions where connection could mitigate the individual burden. The participants also brainstormed areas where they could benefit the wider MIT community.

These ideas included mentoring, both by being Healthcare Lab hosts and helping to train new physician leaders; leading initiatives in areas of great concern, such as health equity and effective treatment of mental health and substance abuse; and connecting with incoming physician students before they matriculate.

Logistically, the participants widely supported monthly or bimonthly webinars led by various members of the group to share experiences. Having online events would also help the group reach another of its goals, which is to have a global reach and to hear international perspectives, challenges and solutions.

Anyone who is interested in learning more about this new group please contact Greg Batcheler at