MIT Sloan Health Systems Initiative

Spotlight: Healthcare Lab Poster Session

13 Student Teams Presented Results of their Real-world Projects

On February 3, 2023, Healthcare Lab (HLab) teams presented the challenges and results of their term-long consulting projects to their hosts and classmates at an open virtual event. The hosts represented an array of organizations including healthcare providers, academic medical centers, a non-profit focused on healthy food as a SDOH, and a global MRI device company.

A student representative from each of the 13 teams had 60 seconds to deliver a teaser about their project to encourage people to come to their breakout room.  

Many hosts attended, and commented on their experience working with the cross-MIT teams. One host commented, "[Their] thorough research, attention to detail and creative thinking resulted in a comprehensive analysis that exceeded our expectations. The information… will be critical to our future success and will play a vital role in helping us achieve our goals.”  Other hosts shared similar sentiments.

Healthcare Lab, a required course for the Healthcare Certificate, is an intensive class that pairs coursework with a practical application of those lessons. Students gain experience working with senior leaders during a semester-long project, build skills to help organizations move to action, learn to work in a diverse team of their peers, and prepare an action plan of their recommendations. Hosts meet with the team weekly and facilitate the sharing of data, information, documents and access to interviews.

Anyone who would like to discuss becoming a host for next-year’s class, please contact Prof. Anne Quaadgras.